Basketball Betting Online for Australians

Australians enjoy basketball and enjoy placing bets on all the games and leagues around the world. Since online betting became available, basketball betting has become even more popular. Basketball is an exciting game to watch and it is even more exciting when you have placed a bet on a game. There are many different types of basketball bets and they range from the simple to the more exotic and complicated.

Australians place bets on many different basketball leagues and competitions around the world and some of the favourite ones are the NBA, the NCAA and the Euroleague. All of these leagues offer great betting opportunities for online punters and there are many different types of bets so all punters will find something that suits them.

Moneyline betting is a very popular bet in basketball and is a simple win/lose bet. Punters must place a bet on a team to win a game or a competition and if the online punters predict correctly they will be paid out. These bets are popular with both newcomers and experienced punters. If you are new to basketball betting it is a good idea to stick to the simple bets like this one until you gain a bit more experience and knowledge of the game.

This is a bet in which a bookmaker gives one team a handicap when one team is favoured to win. This evens the playing field for punters and will be displayed on the bookmakers site as a + or a – value next to the teams. When the final score comes in, these figures will be factored into the score for betting purposes.

This is a bet in which the punter must predict whether or not the total number of combined points scored in a game will be greater or less than a number that has been set by a bookmaker.

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Quarter and Half Basketball Betting Online

The quarter and half bets are slightly more advanced bets and allow the punter to bet on results of each quarter as well as each half of the game. Very often the team that wins the game does not win every quarter or half and this allows punters with more experience and knowledge to place winning bets.

Parlay Basketball Betting Online

This bet is made up of 2 or more picks in one or more games. For punters to win this bet, they must predict all the selections correctly. The more games that they select, the higher the betting odds and the more likely they are to win

Live Basketball Betting For Australians

Live betting is one of the most exciting recent developments in online betting and this form of betting is offered by most online bookmakers reviewed on this site. Online punters can now watch live matches in streaming video on their computers and place bets at the same time.

If you are an Australian basketball fan the bookmakers that we suggest are the perfect places for you to punt. Choose a site that suits you and get in on all the betting action now!

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