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In recent years basketball betting has become increasingly popular with Australians and it’s now one of the bigger markets online. The fast-pace of the sport, the massive rivalry that heightens the anticipation and the huge number of games played both locally and in international leagues such as the NBA make it a very appealing betting option.

At BasketballBetting.net.au we recognised that there was a huge demand for basketball betting from the Australian side and that the number of bookmakers that have opened their doors to this region may make it harder for punters to find a site that really suited them. We decided to help you out and have sought out the best betting sites for basketball in Australia, making it easy and hassle free when you want to wager on this exciting sport.

Bets Legal Bookmakers for Basketball Betting

Basketball and indeed all sportsbetting activities are legal in Australia which means you can enjoy complete peace of mind when punting. However, you do need to be aware that not every bookmaker is one of the better ones. As there are an abundance of sites that cater to the Australian market there is always room for one or two less than scrupulous bookmakers to slip in, so we make sure that you only have access to those that are world class.

Every bookmaker we suggest for basketball betting is licensed and holds a valid accreditation from a respected Australian regulatory entity. This means you can enjoy fair and regulated punting and that your data will always remain confidential and protected. Licensed sites have to meet a number of strict criteria, making them the better option for any sports fan.

Betting with the Best

For beginners and experienced Australian sportsbetting fans the need to bet with the best is ever-present, so our reviewers are constantly checking out what the top sites have to offer. On our site you’ll find information about the hottest bonuses and where to get the best odds, and we make sure that when you wager, you do it with the bookmakers that are unbeatable.

You’ll see a large number of famous international bookmaking brands recommended by us, and we’ve made sure that these sites aren’t simply rated highly because of their name, but that they actually do deliver. Our reviewers independently assess each sites offerings then come together to compare notes and score cards, determining in an unbiased fashion which bookmakers have made the grade, and which are just not quite the cream of the crop.

Keeping you Informed

One of the biggest advantages any punter can have is to be informed, and at BasketballBetting.net.au we aim to ensure that you have access to everything you need to know about basketball betting. The bookmakers that we endorse feature stats and information about past games and events, and you can check up on a player, team or season with ease. The more you know about who or what you are betting on, the better as you have a greater chance of placing a solid wager that could well prove to be correct.

If you’d like to get in contact with us please drop us a line, we’ll be sure to email you back as soon as possible.

Happy Punting!

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