Basketball Betting Odds Australia

Basketball is one of the most bet on sports in the world today and Australians love betting on basketball. One of the most popular international leagues is the NBA (National Basketball Association), this is an American league, but punters from all over the world place bets on it. There are also other popular basketball leagues around the world that punters enjoy online betting on such as the Euroleague. When placing a bet there are many factors to consider in order to make the bet successful, and one of the most important factors is betting odds. Betting odds will decide on how much money the punter will win. Very often the odds are better if you place a bet on the underdog team who is not likely to win.

One of the most popular bets is the simple win/lose bet on a single game and these bets also have the most straightforward odds. For example Team A could be at AU$1.40 against team B who are at AU$3.25. This is a simple bet in which the punter must predict who will win, however the bookmakers will offer many different options and prices too.

Line betting is also referred to as margin betting. The bookmaker selects a favourite for a game and then selects the line or margin that the favourites are going to win by. The punter can then bet on whether the underdog will finish within the predicted margin or win the game. Odds are also offered on which team will be winning at halftime and often quarter and three quarter time too. Bookmakers often incorporate line betting into these bets. The over under bet offers punters odds on whether or not the aggregate will be under or over the total score that was predicted. Odds are also offered on who will become the champions each year. These bets can often be made months in advance giving the punter very attractive odds.

Often basketball punters sign in to their bookmakers at halftime, for the reason that bookmakers release different odds at halftime, often bookmakers will release odds on 3rd and 4th quarter markets as well. Often Australian online punters only bet on 2nd half odds because they can make a better decision after watching the first half.

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Parlay Basketball Betting Odds

A Parlay bet has 2 or more picks and each selection on the bet has to win in order for the punter to win. Moneyline Parlay bets do not have fixed odds and payouts are based on the odds of the punters selections. Punters can parlay most bets together as long as they are not correlated.

Futures Basketball Betting Odds

In futures bets, punters can place bets before or during the season. Punters place bets on the success or failure of team or a player during a season and payouts for these bets are usually high.

All the bookmakers on this site offer great odds to every Australian basketball fan. Choosing one of our sites will see you enjoy exceptional betting at all times, and keep you coming back for more!

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