Mobile Basketball Betting Australia

When it comes to betting, Australians love placing bets on all types of sports and especially basketball. Basketball is not only popular in Australia, but everywhere in the world. Now that Australian punters can place bets from mobile devices, a whole new world of online betting possibilities has opened up. Punters can now place bets from their mobile devices from any location, at any time of the day or night.

One of the favourite bets in basketball, as well as many other sports is the simple win/lose bet, which is often called moneyline betting by mobile casinos. In these bets, punters simply choose which team they think will win and place a bet. If the team they have chosen wins, then they will be paid out. If you are new to basketball betting, then you can stick to these easier bets until you have gained some experience.

These bets are available at all bookmakers in every basketball game and are quick and easy to make from your mobile device. Another popular bet is the handicap bet, in which bookmakers even the playing field by giving one team a handicap. When you go to the mobile bookmaker’s site the handicap will be displayed as a + or a – value before the amount. These points are for betting purposes only and won’t interfere with the actual score. Quarter and final bets allow the punter to place bets on all 4 quarters of the game, as well as both halves. Very often the team that wins the game won’t also win every quarter and this allows punters to use their knowledge to their advantage.

Australian Basketball Betting

The parlay bet requires the punter to make a bet on two or more picks in one or more games. To win this bet all the picks have to win. Another popular bet in mobile betting is the futures bet, in which the punter must predict which team will win a future match or championship. This bet often works in the punter’s favour because the odds will change as the competition progresses.

Proposition betting is a form of betting in which the punter must predict a player’s performance either for a single game or for an entire season or competition. The punter can bet on many aspects of the player’s game such as points scored or rebounds.

Live Mobile Betting for Australians

Perhaps one of the most exciting types of bets for mobile users is live betting. Australian punters can now place bets on live games while they watch them on live streaming video from their mobile devices. Many people today are too busy to find the time to watch a game, but with live betting, punters can watch games on their mobile device. from any location, any time they want.

Mobile Betting Strategy for Basketball

When placing bets on basketball it is always a good idea to arm yourself with as much information about the game as possible. It is advisable to watch basketball games often to familiarise yourself with the rules, the teams and the players. This site will also provide punters with some very useful information and tips so they can place winning bets.

Choose one of the recommended online Australian bookmakers that we recommend and enjoy mobile betting that’s world class. You’ll find mobi sites and apps compatible with iPhone and iPad, as well as Android, Windows, Blackberry and a host of other popular smartphones and tablets.

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