Best NBA Betting For Australians

Basketball is a very popular sport for punters to bet on in the world and in Australia. Although there are many basketball leagues in the world, the most popular league to bet on is the NBA. The NBA plays 82 games during the season and many more games during the postseason, so there are always plenty of betting opportunities for Australian punters. All sportsbooks reviewed on this site will offer the punter great betting lines throughout the season and during the postseason. On this site we will inform you of all the betting lines available on the NBA so that you will be equipped with the knowledge of what they are offering and whether or not you think they are worth basketball betting on.

For every game played in the NBA, bookmakers will make a point spread. A point spread establishes which team is the favourite to win a game and which is the underdog or the team predicted to lose a game. Not all point spreads are the same and sometimes the bookmaker will think that one favourite team is bigger than another and will install a spread according to how much a favourite team should win by. When this happens, the favourite will have to give points away and the underdog will receive points. This is done in order to level the NBA betting playing field. Once the spread is set, punters can place bets on that line, punters bet on the favourite to win by more than the spread and for underdogs to lose by less than the number given, or to win the game.

A popular form of a straight bet is betting the moneyline, in which the punter places a bet on a team to win the game, in this form of NBA betting there is no spread involved. This is one of the simplest bets a punter can make and they can also pay out very well if the punter bets on an underdog and that team wins.

The NBA player props bets are formed based on a player’s performance in either a single game or the whole season. The bets are based on many different aspects of a player’s performance, such as rebounds, points scored, assists, steals and other statistics that have been accumulated for a game.

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Future Odds and Live NBA Betting

In NBA betting, once the championship from the previous year is won, futures betting odds for the next season are formed. There are often many changes to the odds throughout the season based on the performance of the teams. One of the most exciting forms of NBA betting is live betting and today it is offered by the most bookmakers. Live betting features many different lines including team and player props. All the games that are available for live betting will be listed on the bookmaker’s site as well as the games that are coming up.

No matter what type of betting you are interested in, the bookmakers on this site will cater for your needs. Watching a game that you have placed a bet on is always more exciting, so start online NBA betting today!

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